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The use of this website is subject to the following terms:


The contents on the pages of this website are for general information only. The contents may change according to time and subject to company strategies and guidelines without any former notice or announcement. This is a system-based site so we do not provide any warranty in case of any error, improper performance, or materialistic inaccuracies. It is your own responsibility to check and ensure that the provided information matches your needs. With time we may also provide links to other sites to increase your knowledge related to certain queries but we do not take full responsibility for things published on another site.


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Karan Car Rental can change, edit, and remove any material from this site. Any content that is derogatory, unlawful, or profane and violates the policies of Karan Car Rental can be removed anytime without anyone's permission. Posting of any Abuse, Obscene, Pornographic material, or Threatening content is strictly forbidden and seriously punishable. Booking can be made online by filling up a booking form, payments can be made online through credit/debit cards. The use of a credit card is totally safe, we use the EBS payment gateway for payment. EBS has a 128 bits SSL encryption technology-compliant solution certified by VeriSign, Your card details are never shared.

1. A booking confirmation voucher will be sent to the customer via email after completing the online process with Karan Car Rental.

2. Before availing of the cab/taxi it is important to produce a booking confirmation voucher.

3. Duty slip has to be filled by the customer with proper notice of starting and ending km ensured by the signature of customers.

4. Vehicles starting and ending km will be calculated from our garage location.

5. When customer books with us it means he agrees to all our terms and conditions.

6. Any kind of change in pickup time or place can be done before 24hrs of pickup. No change will be done after 24hrs.

7. The customer is supposed to pay the waiting charge in case of a delay in the pickup (be it for any reason) exceeding more than 15 minutes from the scheduled pickup time. (Applicable for Transfer Bookings only)

8. At the time of pickup if the customer doesn't arrive for more than 60 minutes without informing the driver or team, then it will be considered a show and the whole booking amount will be forfeited. (Applicable for Transfer Bookings only)

9. In case, the customer has confirmed the cab and because of some problem cab fails to arrive at the pickup location, then we will take the full initiative to arrange an alternative cab; failing to do so all amount paid to the company will be refunded in 5-7 working days, Besides this, any expense like hotel stay charges, flight ticket charges, or any other type of monetary expenses which customer bore as a result of no show of cab cannot be put on Karan Car Rental.

10. All bookings run from 12:00 to 12:30 midnight. For reference, if the customer booked a cab on 1st March with a pickup time of 1:30 pm, this one day is valid till 1st March at 11:59 pm and not 2nd March at 1:30 pm.

11. Local car rentals and transfers are valid only within the city; any request or use of a vehicle outside the city can be denied by the driver or it will be charged extra.

12. In case of any dispute, parties agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Amritsar, Punjab.

13. Customers are expected not to believe the distance and time of travel as stated on the internet as the actual distance and time differs, in reality, depending on various geographical factors and also traffic.

14. We are not responsible for any loss, damage, or delay suffered by the customer due to a force majeure event.

15. Karan Car Rental cannot be held accountable for any loss, damage, physical injury, etc suffered by the customer while availing of its services.

16. In no event does the entire liability of Karan Car Rental for any loss or damage arising due to cab services or in the case of a valid refund claim shall not exceed the booking amount paid by the customer.

17. In case of any misconduct or misbehavior, customers should immediately contact the support team of Karan Car Rental and immediate steps will be taken.

18. Parking included in the package is only for one time, if a customer visits the same place more than once then it is to be paid for by the customer.

19. If during the booking, the customer comes back Earlier leaving the vehicle in the middle of the tour for any reason then, in that case, the full booking amount is to be taken.

20. Cabs that are booked for an outstation, one-way, multicity, or round trip cannot be used for local travel. For example, if a customer books a cab from Amritsar to Chandigarh then to Shimla, and back to Amritsar for a period of 4 days and has a predefined limit of 900kms and he returns back after 4 days or earlier in Amritsar and has the balance of 50kms with time remaining, in spite of this he is not entitled to consume the remaining 50kms for local travel, however, customer can travel to some other city lets say Gurdaspur and can consume the remaining km by paying additional charges.

21. The rate charged is as per the itinerary and the travel plan discussed if the customer wishes to visit a place out of the itinerary it will be charged extra. If the customer visits sightseeing more than once even if it's in the package it will be charged extra with all tolls, taxes, and parking.

22. Customers can extend their booking from one way or local to roundtrip or multicity while he is on booking. A special request can be made by calling on +91 9517006009, and our team will guide the customer on how to go on further without interrupting his trip.




1. Driver and Cab details: - The details will be sent approx. one day before the time of pickup.

2. Air Condition in the vehicle will not work in hilly areas and when the vehicle is not running.

3. The areas which require special permission for traveling are not included like Rohtang Pass and Pahalgam sightseeing (where sightseeing not allowed by the local taxi union).

4. During the trip, if the hotel doesn't have parking at night then it is to be paid by the guest( incase Parking included in Package then also night parking charges will be charged extra).

5. Your amount always (leaving exceptional cases) - includes toll, tax charges, driver charge, fuel charge. You need not pay to the driver unless asked by the team of Karan Car Rental. In case of any problem be feel free to contact us 24x7 at +91 9517006009. Any payment-related to extra distance and after limit charges are to be directly paid to the driver.